May 29-30, 2024

Los Angeles Convention Center
Los Angeles, United States

May 29-30, 2024

Los Angeles Convention Center
Los Angeles, United States

Unlocking California's Hydrogen Potential


California will now play a critical role in the development of a renewable hydrogen economy with innovators in production processes and pioneers in fuel cell technology to lower heavy duty truck emissions, power public transportation and port operations, as well as create thousands of jobs in a massive boost to the state’s economic development.

There will need to be a cohesive plan in place to build hydrogen projects and leverage the state’s leadership in clean energy technology to produce hydrogen. As the largest event in California showcasing hydrogen as a key enabler to reach net-zero emissions by 2030, the California Hydrogen Convention will position the state as a domestic and global hydrogen superpower.

Strategic Conference Themes

California: Becoming a Global Hydrogen Leader

The latest on California’s hydrogen market development strategy to accelerate clean energy deployment and decarbonizing transportation sector and heavy industrial emitters. Find out how California is creating network of hydrogen producers, consumers, and infrastructure to accelerate the use of hydrogen in multiple carbon-intensive sectors.

Hydrogen Infrastructure Development in California

Discover what challenges are faced in expanding hydrogen infrastructure and the opportunities it presents for the state's economy and environment. Get up to date on the long-term vision for hydrogen infrastructure in California and plans for expansion and innovation.

Hydrogen Hubs
Linking Hydrogen Hubs & Trade Corridors

Find our the latest developments on building the US hydrogen economy by creating hydrogen hubs that are effectively linked. Learn how the selected hydrogen hub will accelerate innovation, market growth and create jobs enabling economic growth and investment. 

New Energy Systems in California Using Innovation & Tech Adoption

Get a look at how technology is shaping a new energy system in California and some of the unique companies that are enabling the energy transition.

Supporting the Future with Public and Private Sector Investment

Gain a comprehensive overview of government policies, incentives, and funding opportunities promoting the development and adoption of hydrogen production technologies in California. Get insight in what is considered a bankable project, and the importance of engaging relevant stakeholders, including local communities, to advance equity and deliver environmental and economic benefits.